Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old Navy Read My Booty

In an app-crazed world, there's a lot of "ho hum" ideas being produced.

It seems that if an app doesn't offer some sort of utility/value and fit into a bigger campaign idea, it's really just a PR gimmick. No need to dredge up the culprits. I'm all about being positive these days - or so I tell my wife.

With that said, I love the Old Navy "Booty Reader" online app from CP+B. First, the fortune teller reads your butt by using your web cam or uploaded pictures. It's always fun to see your ass on the screen. Humbling to say the least. 

After she sizes you up from a few angles, she asks you to choose 3 cards from a deck that subtly define your different activity levels and lifestyle. Then, voila, she magically provides you with the perfect pair of jeans.

It's a fun, memorable and useful tool that's built for word of mouth success.

Give it a try.

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