Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Ain't Getting In No Silo, Hannibal

I been thinking and reading a lot lately about the reinvention of the agency structure. I've worked at big shops in NYC and small shops in RIC, and what's interesting (and frustrating) is they both suffer from the same problems that prevent true collaborative development.

 So, I made a quick list of things that we do at RTH to try to stay a free-range shop.

1. Stop referring to writers and art directors as "creatives." Everyone should be.
2. Don't tolerate egos - they are cancers to the process
3. Kick off projects with ALL members of the team present - not just planners and account peeps
4. Write an internal brief together
5. Set up a blog or wiki where briefs, research, articles, inspiration and ideas can live and be shared
6. Protect each person's core value to the team, but challenge everyone to contribute to all aspects of the project by making everyone responsible for success
7. Don't work the teams to death
8. Promote and reward all idea sharing from everyone on the team - no idea is stupid (within reason)
9. Drink and bullshit together
Would you add anything?

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