Monday, February 8, 2010

Snickers Satisfied at the Super Bowl

Awesome game. Lame spots.

My wife and friends got incredibly tired of me saying, "What the hell was that?" at the end of most every commercial. There were a few highlights.

A few thoughts:

1. The Doritos crowdsourcing concept worked, as the "bark collar"
spot rated 2nd on the USA Today Ad Meter. Was it only funny because
the other ads sucked? Too easy for my taste.

2. The Snickers spot was an incredible rebound after getting
bashed a few years ago for the "mechanics making out" spot. Who
doesn't love Betty White?

3. Sex still sells with Megan Fox, Beyonce and Danica Patrick. And it's still
really boring, easy and creatively sad.

4. I wanted to like the Coca-Cola/Simpsons spot but was totally let down at
the end. What happened, again?

5. Budweiser needs to retire the Clydesdale spots. The warm and fuzzies
have worn off.

6. Loved the simplicity and clear utility of Google's "Parisian Love Ad." Who
knew typing on TV could be so romantic?

7. The movie trailers were awesome for the most part. Can't wait to see
Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood and Wolfman.

Check all the spots out here:

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