Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bold Moving Pictures

On the first Friday of the month, we have an art show block party called First Fridays. People swarm Broad Street and duck in and out of galleries to check out what’s new in the Richmond art scene. It’s really inspirational to see people of all ages and backgrounds coming together in the name of creative expression.

One of the recent highlights was an exhibition at Corporate and Museum Frame by photographer Shaun Irving. (In full disclosure, Shaun and I went to school together at Hampden-Sydney College.) What’s cool about his method is that he uses a truck as his camera.

This is a great example of disrupting convention. He didn’t just choose to be “different” or shocking in his subject matter. He chose to change the technique all together on a large scale. And, in doing so, he generates built-in intrigue about his work. The best part is that the giant photographs are beautiful.

His work is a great reminder that we should always look for the opportunity to change the game and, more importantly, have the guts to go for it.

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