Friday, March 23, 2012

Verizon Steals Old SNL Sketch for Spot.

The current remix, smash-up and recycle creative culture hit a new low last night for me. 

Check out Verizon's rip-off of the classic SNL "Bad Idea Jeans" sketch below. Their ad agency, McGarryBowen, has been doing some good work recently, but this

Do you think this is unacceptable plagiarism or simply Verizon drafting off pop culture like VW did with Star Wars?

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  1. Plagiarism. If you're an ad agency, paying people to come up with funny shit, come up with funny shit. We can all quote funny commercials and movies, but we don't charge people for it. This is the kind of thing I consciously boycott, just like I am doing with Dairy Queen and Edge Gel with their rip offs of the Old Spice commercials. Not that I would go to Dairy Queen anyway, and I use whatever bar soap is around as shave gel, like a real man.