Friday, October 9, 2009

"The Social Media Guru"

This video is hilarious. (Disclaimer: strong but appropriate language)

Moderator Mike Lewis from Awareness, Inc. played it to open the Inbound Marketing Summit and followed it with a discussion about whether or not self-proclaimed social experts are damaging the reputation of social media.

I think it's amusing that some "real" social experts are so threatened. Sure, I understand they were first to the gold rush, and now that "Socialwood" is full of prospectors looking to cash in, they're freaking out a bit. But they really have nothing to fear. Social Media is not going to run dry anytime soon, and their understanding of it is on an entirely different level than the phonies.

I also think clients deserve more credit and are smart enough to sniff out the fakers. And, hey, if they aren't, they'll get a big time wake-up call that just might save the future of their brands.

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