Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make the logo...invisible

Okay...I'm admittedly late to the party. But I'm loving Rick Klotz and his company, Freshjive. (Thanks PSFK)

Beginning in 1989 while he was still in art school, Rick leaned on his love of skate, punk rock and hip hop culture and began selling t-shirts and shorts under the Freshjive label. Now 20 years later, he's successfully guided the company with a controlled recklessness and inspiring business philosophy.

In this recent interview with PSFK, Rick talks about starting the company, how he thrives on controversy and his new "brandless" campaign.

"I just like to fuck with peoples perceptions of what a company is expected to do. And now this: a multi million dollar company taking the name off all of it’s garments in one swoop."

The idea of logo-less apparel does a few things:
  • Refreshes the brand
  • Adds to cultural credibility
  • Gets attention/PR
  • Possibly opens the brand to a larger audience/market
If your boss's uninspiring daily drivel and safe business approach is killing you, get a little inspiration from this interview.

Oh, and my favorite piece from his existing collection (that's also extremely timely) is this "Kayne is a whiny bitch" t-shirt. Buy it here.

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